Research on Development of the Hospital Outcomes Analysis System for using Psychiatric Hospitals

T. Tanioka, I. Nagamine, Y. Takasaka, F. Ren, K. Matumoto, K. Ueta, Y. Lei, T. Tada, F. Hashimoto, Y. Matsushita, and R. Yamashita (Japan)


Outcomes management system, Clinical pathways, Psychiatric nursing, Team care, Nursing management, Outcomes analysis


Recently, clinical pathways (CP) are often implemented to improve care, yet their effect on quality of care and outcomes have not been generally evaluated. Especially, the item of CP and the outcome management for the patient with mental disorders is not examined enough in Japan. The purpose of this paper is to examine the development of prototype Hospital Outcomes Analysis System (HOAS). As the first step of HOAS development, authors considered to create CP and outcome management item for people suffering schizophrenia for the improvement of quality mental health care. Comprehensive survey interviews were conducted for the hospital staff. CP for the patient with schizophrenic and the critical criteria for patient outcome management (OMCP) were developed from these surveys. Additionally, in order to fully utilize CP, it is very important to develop the efficient and effective means for managing patient outcomes. The CP and outcome management in the hospital may bring patients’ and their families’ in progress QOL, in addition to job satisfaction of care-givers. As the second step, we developed a prototype HOAS based on OMCP during the whole period from hospitalization to discharge of which patient outcomes management is done.

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