Analysis of Electroencephalographic Activity in Condition of Human Emotional Activation

S. Chiba, K. Osaka, F. Ren, S. Kuroiwa, H. Moriguchi, T. Tanioka, I. Nagamine, C. Kawanishi, T. Tada, M. Kishimoto, M. Nishimura, and A. Yamamoto (Japan)


Electroencephalographic, Empathetic understanding, Emotional activation


In the care, the communication based empathetic understanding is important. We have examined how to grasp empathetic understanding. As the first step, we study the characteristics of the electroencephalographic activity during subjects impressed time. We recorded electroencephalogram (EEG) of thirteen healthy female aged 19-29 years when the subjects were watching video. There were increases of the amplitudes of EEG during impressive scene of video. According to observation replayed EEG on display, as a result of analyzing two subjects' data among 13 persons, increase of amplitude was found firstly in Fp1, Fp2. Afterwards, increase of amplitude was gradually observed in F, O and T area. When healthy young females become impressed, the amplitude of their EEG increases. The more they are impressed, the more amplitude of their EEG increases.

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