BER Minimization by Transmit Power Allocation in SVD Equalized Multicarrier Systems

A. Ahrens and C. Lange (Germany)


Equalization, Singular Value Decomposition, Multicarrier Transmission, Daubechies-Wavelet, Power Allocation.


Transmit power allocation and bit loading are important issues in multicarrier transmission via frequency-selective channels. In this contribution, transmit power allocation schemes for BER performance improvements in a wavelet based multicarrier transmission system with SVD equaliza tion (Singular Value Decomposition) are investigated un der the constraint of a limited total transmit power. Con trary to other contributions, here the transmit power is not only adapted to the subchannels but rather to each sym bol of the SVD equalized data block individually. Based on the Lagrange multiplier method, different solutions are investigated, whereby optimal but complex and subopti mal but ef´Čücient schemes are analyzed. In order to obtain numerical results, the schemes are exemplary applied to a time-invariant and a time-variant radio channel using Jakes Doppler power spectrum, respectively.

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