Hand Grasping Strategy for Virtual Humans

E. Peña Pitarch, J. Yang, K. Abdel-Malek, and T. Marler (Spain)


Hand modelling, grasp simulation, kinematics, optimization.


This paper presents a strategy for virtual human hand grasp simulation in a virtual environment. Forward and inverse kinematic analysis has been implemented in SantosTM hand model which includes 25 Degrees of Freedom (DOF). SantosTM fingers’ workspace has been analyzed. We summarize different types of grasping such as power and precision grasping and apply different approaches such as forward or inverse kinematics for grasping strategy. Two approaches are used in inverse kinematics, which are one the iterative (Newton-Raphson) method and optimization-based method. A strategy for virtual human grasp simulation has been presented. Finally two elements of the database (cylindrical and spherical objects) are built for SantosTM hand grasping.

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