Variation of Left Ventricular Surface Shape during the Cardiac Cycle

S.Y. Yeo, R.S. Tan, G.B. Chai, and D.N. Ghista (Singapore)


Left ventricular, cardiac cycle, surface properties, surface fitting, curvatures, wall deformation.


It is hypothesized that myocardial ischemia and other cardiac pathologies are associated with regional alterations in ventricular shape. In order to elucidate and assess the left ventricular (LV) surface shape changes during the cardiac cycle, information regarding the surface properties is particularly useful. In this paper, the differential properties of the LV surface are computed via an analytic approach using local surface fitting method. In particular, a LV dataset consisting of 18 frames during the cardiac cycle acquired from ultrasound imaging are used for this experiment. By studying the curvature maps of the LV endocardial surface during the cardiac cycle, one can get a better perception of the regional wall deformation of the LV. We believed that with more LV datasets being tested and evaluated, one can easily discover certain trends in the temporal changes of surface curvatures during the cardiac cycle. This will eventually be useful for the assessment of regional cardiac function, especially for the detection of infarcted regions and unusual wall activities.

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