Analysis of Body Pressure Distributions of the Air-Cell Mattress for Preventing Decubitus Ulcer

H. Cho, J.C. Ryu, Kyoosuk Kim, M. Mun, Kyunghoon Kim, I. Lee, and J. Lee (Korea)


Decubitus ulcer, body pressure, air-cell, FEM, mattress, bed


A finite element simulation model was developed for the performance optimization of a closed type air-cell mattress used for the ulcer prevention. An H-model with material properties of human flesh and kinematic joints were used for the calculation of the body contact pressure. The material property of rubber air-cell was evaluated by tensile test of standard specimen. In the simulation, single cell inflation was first executed and the whole mattress model was constructed by arraying the results of single cell inflation to reduce the execution time. It was found that the body contact pressure was dependent on cell thickness, but hardly affected by the cell size. A cell model of 0.6mm thickness has shown lower body pressure than that of 0.8mm thickness.

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