A Behaviour Law for Bone to Describe Damage and Fracture

G. Jundt, P.J. Arnoux, K. Kayvantash, P. Chabrand, and C. Brunet (France)


Bone, behaviour law, damage, fracture, simulation


Human FE models used to simulate car crash situations are constantly improved in terms of mesh refinement, mechanical properties or material behaviour. Behaviour laws usually used to describe bone properties consist in adapting typical elastoplastic models. In such laws, damage and failure processes are whether not described, or simplified to element deletion or principal stress components set to zero once strain threshold was reached. The aim of this project is double : first, to ingrate a behaviour model that describes fracture; second, to be build a robust model for dynamic loading recorded under trauma situations. This paper reports the design and the implementation of a 3D elastoplastic and asymmetric model as a Radioss user’s law. This model describes bone damage and failure. Then preliminary validations are performed, based on literature experiments for different loading.

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