Improved Segmentation and Smoothing Procedures for Voxel-based FE Modeling of Tooth-Jawbone Structure

F. Pu, Y. Fan, F. Zhang, Z. Liu, and X. Deng (PRC)


Dental biomechanics, Image segementation,


This paper presents a new procedure to improve the local accuracy of the voxel-based FE model for tooth-jawbone structure. Firstly, a semi-automatic method is provided to segment each tooth from jawbone; then a smoothing algorithm based on Marching Tetrahedron is proposed to smooth the surfaces and material interfaces of the voxel-based FE model. For teeth segmentation results, there are no significant differences between the semi-automatic method and the manual implementation. The element-to element stress fluctuations are much smaller in the smoothed FE model comparing with that in the un-smoothed model. This procedure can be used to create patient-specific FE model with more accurate geometry in clinic.

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