Comparative Finite Element Analysis of a Normal Dentition with a Single Implant-supported Crown Influenced by Axial - Non Axial Loading

B. Georgiopoulos, C. Provatidis, C. Galanis, M. Sfantsikopoulos, N. Kafantaris, and P. Koidis (Greece)


Finite element, dental implant, periodontal ligament


The loss of one or more teeth is often treated with free standing implants involving restoration through a superstructure. The aim of the present study is to investigate the stress/strain distribution around the periodontal ligament of a normal dentition or/and a Brånemark implant-supported crown that substitutes a missing first premolar in a three-dimensional finite element model of maxilla. The deformation of the periodontal ligament versus dental implant, could be expected to accomodate, at least in part, the differential between tooth support and implant support. Moreover, the manner in which stresses are transferred within the implant-supported crown under different types of loading (axial-non axial) could determine the long-term success of implant treatment.

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