Confocal Micro-PIV Velocity Measurements of Physiological Fluids in a Rectangular Microchannel

R. Lima (Japan/Portugal), S. Wada, K. Tsubota, and T. Yamaguchi (Japan)


Microcirculation, fluid flow measurement, rectangular microchannel, confocal micro-PIV, Nipkow disk confocal microscope.


The detail measurements of velocity profiles of physiological fluids in microchannels is fundamental for a better understanding on the biomechanics of the microcirculation. It is therefore very important to obtain measurements with high accuracy and spatial resolution. This paper presents for the first time measurements of physiological flows within rectangular microchannels obtained by a confocal particle image velocimetry (PIV) system. This emerging technology by combining the conventional PIV system with a spinning disk confocal microscope has the ability to obtain not only high spatial resolution images but also three dimensional (3D) velocity profiles. Good agreement is obtained between measured and estimated results. Our results have demonstrated the potentiality of our system to generate 3D velocity profiles and consequently to obtain detail information about micro-scale effects in microchannels.

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