A Unified Networking Scheme for Sensor Networks in a Heterogeneous Data Collection System

T. Fujiwara (Japan)


Heterogeneous network, Sensor network, Ad hoc network, Routing protocol, Hopcount.


Quick, accurate damage assessment information is necessary for speedy and effective rescue response in the aftermath of a large natural disaster or man-made disaster. This paper addresses a robust networking scheme with ad hoc networks for a data collection system, expanding scalability of the network in a whole city, and maintaining secure access in order to detect extraordinary phenomena. We discuss a heterogeneous networks organized with an access network and sensor networks for damage monitoring in a disaster. A hopcount-based routing protocol is presented for the heterogeneous network. Some fundamental evaluations on reachability, packet delivery ratio and traffic were carried out. The results showed that selective flooding with hopcount-based routing is useful for sensor networks.

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