An ID-based Non-Interactive Tripartite Key Agreement Protocol with K-Resilience

R. Tso, T. Okamoto, T. Takagi, and E. Okamoto (Japan)


Cryptographic protocol, ID-based, k-resilience, key agree ment, non-interactive, pairing.


Key agreement protocols are designed so that two or more entities can establish a session key in order to communicate with confidentiality over an open network or to achieve a cryptographic goal such as data integrity. Till date, no (se cure) tripartite key agreement protocol could provide au thentication for entities without introducing certifications into the protocol or combining the protocol with a digital signature scheme. In addition, at least one-round of data transmission has been required for the current protocols. In this paper, we propose an ID-based tripartite key agreement protocol which is non-interactive. This scheme is secure against a collusion of a maximum of k entities. We also show how this protocol can be modified into an one-round tripartite key agreement protocol so that different session keys can be established in each run of the protocol.

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