A Novel Generalized Particle Approach to Optimize ATM Networks

D. Shuai, R. Gong, X. Wang, and R. Liu (PRC)


ATM networks, bandwidth allocation, quality of service, generalized particle, distributed parallel optimization.


The bandwidth allocation problem in ATM networks is NP complete.1 . This paper presents a novel generalized parti cle approach (GPA) to optimize the bandwidth allocation and Q ◦ S parameter for ATM networks. The GPA trans forms the optimization of ATM networks into a kinematics and dynamics of numerous particles in a force-field. The GPA has many advantages in terms of the higher paral lelism, multi-objective optimization, multi-type coordina tion, and easiness for hardware implementation. During the ATM networks optimization, the GPA may deal with a variety of random and emergent phenomena, such as the congestion, failure, and interaction. This paper also gives the GPA’s propertied regarding its correctness, convergency and stability. The simulations have shown the effectiveness and suitability of the GPA to the optimization of ATM net works.

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