Understanding Highspeed TCP: A Control-Theoretic Perspective

B. Sonkoly, T.A. Trinh, and S. Molnár (Hungary)


HighSpeed TCP, RED, control theory, performance analy sis.


One of the most promising solution for transport protocol over very high bandwidth-delay product networks is High Speed TCP. However, little is known about its performance as well as its interaction with other elements of the net work (such as the RED queue management). In this paper, a comprehensive control-theoretic analysis of HighSpeed TCP is provided. We develop a fluid-flow model of the HighSpeed TCP/RED network and use it to study its per formance. The main contributions of this paper are the fol lowing. Firstly, we provide a fluid-flow model for High Speed TCP/RED networks. Secondly, a comprehensive and systematic implementation methodology is described in detail. We also provide a Simulink-based framework for analyzing fluid-based models. Thirdly, we give stability conditions for HighSpeed TCP/RED networks. Finally, the results are validated by simulations using Ns-2 [11].

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