CCID: Core Construction for Information Dissemination in Ad Hoc Scenario

G. Das (India), M. Fazio, M. Villari, and A. Puliafito (Italy)


Mobile Ad Hoc networks, data dissemination, core con struction


In this paper we introduce a new algorithm skillful to build a scheme suitable for Information Dissemination issue. This approach will be very scalable for data dissemination in ad hoc wireless networks in terms of network and device re sources. The scheme is characterized by a backbone created through a reduced set of mobile node, able to disseminate the information to whole network; that backbone is defined core network. In detail three different approaches for CCID are designed based on inductive connectivity maintenance, node degree and node coverage. CCID works independent from the underlying routing protocol, it constructs core for efficient data dissemination and utilize broadcast advantage within the core. CCID is advantageous in case dynamic data with frequent updates and in critical resource constrained environment like Disaster Recovery. Analysis and simula tion results are provided to show the effectiveness of CCID.

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