A Framework for Multicast and Quality based Forwarding in Manets

T. Bachran, H.H.-J. Bongartz, and A. Tiderko (Germany)


wireless mesh network, ad hoc network, MANET, multi hop, multicast, quality based routing.


In this paper an experimental framework called WNet for forwarding data frames in a wireless mobile ad hoc net work is presented. The approach is based on the principles of the OLSR protocol but is implemented as a forwarding protocol on the MAC layer. One focus of the framework is the support of efficient multicast communication. The design allows extensions concerning quality and priority based forwarding, quality of service, congestion manage ment, power awareness and security. Since the framework is positioned on the MAC layer, it has direct access to device parameters and can therefore determine link and node attributes. These are used to cal culate link qualities that influence the forwarding decision, leading to a quality-based routing mechanism.

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