New Analytical Results on Ad Hoc Network Connectivity

A. Faragó (USA)


Ad hoc network connectivity, network scaling, fundamen tal limits, asymptotic analysis.


A number of results exist that analyze the conditions for asymptotic connectivity in large, random ad hoc networks. The existing results, however, depend on quite specific geo metric and distributional assumptions and cannot be easily transformed to capture different situations. For example, a frequently used model is that the node positions are chosen uniformly at random in a regular planar domain (such as a unit disk or square) and a link exists between two nodes if their distance does not exceed a certain transmission ra dius. Such a model leaves open a number of natural ques tions: What if the domain is more complicated? What if the node distribution is not uniform over the domain? What if the existence of a link depends on the locations of both end-nodes in a possibly complicated way, rather than their distance only? (For example, obstacles may be present and radio propagation characteristics may depend on location and direction.) We propose a general model, which pro vides a unified framework for many possible special cases of interest and, despite its very high level of generality, we show that it is still amenable to meaningful analysis.

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