Shared Path Protection in Multi-Domain Optical Mesh Networks

B. Thiongane and D.L. Truong (Canada)


Multi-domain Network, Protection, Routing.


The routing problem for shared path protection in multi domain optical mesh networks is difficult due to the lack of complete and global knowledge on the network topology and bandwidth allocation. To overcome this difficulty, we propose an aggregated network modeling by overestimation and a two-step routing strategy. In the first step, a rough routing solution is sketched in a compact network which is the topology aggregation of the multi-domain network. A complete routing is then determined by solving routing problems within the original single-domain networks. Each routing step can be solved by either using an exact mathematical or a heuristic method. Computational results show the relevance of the aggregated network modeling and proves the scalability as well as the efficiency of the proposed routing for multi-domain networks.

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