Multi-Layer Call Admission Architecture for Assured QoS in CDMA2000 Packet Data Networks

M. Adeel, W. Mahmood, A.A. Chaudhry, and R. Ahmad (Pakistan)


Call Admission and CDMA2000 Packet Data Networks


Routing inconsistencies in core IP network affect throughput and packet drop rate of a particular network. In 3G cellular data communications, this issue is more serious due to limited battery power of a Mobile Station and higher average cost per data packet. Existence of persistent routing loop between Packet Data Serving Node (Foreign Agent) and Home Agent due to accidental or deliberate misconfiguration at Home Agent, results in repeated retransmissions of packets of same ID across the network. Due to these retransmissions, more battery power is consumed while a rise in bandwidth utilization and transmission cost is also experienced. This paper exhibits the criticality of routing loop between Home Agent and Foreign Agent through simulation results and proposes Multi-Layer Call Admission Architecture for CDMA2000 Packet Data Networks that allows admission of new data calls to the network only if the core IP network is capable of entertaining such calls. Besides regulating new data calls, handoff and ongoing data calls are also regulated to result in improved network throughput, less bandwidth and battery power consumption and improved average cost per data packet.

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