Providing End-to-End QoS in 4G Networks

R. Prior, S. Sargento (Portugal), J. Gozdecki (Poland), and R. Aguiar (Portugal)


End-to-end QoS, 4G networks, heterogeneous, mobility, intra/inter-technology


This paper proposes an end-to-end QoS solution for 4G IP-based networks, able to support all types of services, from legacy to adaptive multimedia, and able to handle user mobility, intra- and inter-domain, across different access technologies. The issues of session signaling and resource reservation for individual flows in the access, resource management in the core, and QoS control across domains are addressed in an integrated fashion. The proposed solution is scalable, based on DiffServ with layered resource control: resource management in the core is performed on a per-aggregate basis, whereas in the wireless link, where resources are scarce, per-flow QoS control is used.

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