Burst Packet Loss Recovery using Variable FEC Matrix for Real-Time Applications over the Internet

M. Hayasaka, M. Gamage, and T. Miki (Japan)


Packet loss ratio, forward error correction, and data transmission efficiency


Recently, the demand for real-time applications over the Internet increases as they are cost effective. These applications require a guaranteed end-to-end quality, and the smaller packet size is suitable for these applications to reduce effect of delay jitter. However, burst packet losses caused by buffer overflow at routers represent a serious problem in these applications and are responsible for degradation of the Quality of Service (QoS). Forward error correction (FEC) is a promising technique for recovering lost packets and improving the QoS of them. In this paper, a new FEC method with an effective coding method of FEC matrix and dynamic packet loss recovery is proposed. Numerical results show that the packet loss ratio and transmission efficiency of the proposed method are superior to those of conventional methods.

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