Efficient Multimedia Transmission in Mobile Network by using PR-SCTP

H. Huang, J. Ou, and D. Zhang (PRC)


SCTP, MPEG-4, Multimedia, Video streaming, QoS


The present of multimedia applications in 3G and Wi-Fi networks has led to a requirement of end-to-end quality of services, more efficient ways are needed in order to provide end users the multimedia services in wireless data networks. The QoS requirements can be achieved by various technologies across multiple layers of network OSI hierarchy. In particular, the optimization on transport layer is being studied for multimedia transmission. This paper puts forward Stream Control Transport Protocol (SCTP) as the transport layer approach for multimedia delivery in GPRS network. Specifically, the feature of partial reliable transmission in SCTP is investigated for MPEG-4 video transmission. Moreover, the QoS interactions between SCTP, RTP and application are studied. NS-2 simulation tool is used to simulation video transmission over SCTP for performance evaluation. Simulation results show that partial reliable SCTP provide the significant performance benefit for video transmission.

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