Scalable Coding & QoS Control for Next Generation Network

C. Zhang, G. Tu, and W. Yi (PRC)


Scalable coding, QoS for The NGN, Reduced dimension segmentation


Scalable video coding and the quality of serves (QoS) is the next generation networks (NGN) key technique in order to adapt various clients’ requirement (e.g. quality, spatial resolution and temporal resolution) and bandwidth variation in heterogeneous network. We propose a reduced dimension scalable video coding using wavelet transformation and QoS control method based on fractal interpolation for the next generation network, and realize different types of bit-stream decoders with different complexity and access bandwidth can coexist. Simulation result shows that the wavelet fractal interpolation algorithm bas better performance than the Bi-linear interpolation and no interpolation. When the channel is congests, the network is the lost high frequency sub-band and transmit low frequency sub-band, and the receiver can recover the lost high frequency by WFI or BLI to satisfy different clients’ requirements.

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