Continuous Time Assessment and Mapping of User-Level QoS in Audio-Video Transmission over IP Networks

Y. Ito, S. Tasaka, and R. Ito (Japan)


user–level QoS, continuous time assessment, QoS map ping, audio–video transmission


This paper proposes a novel scheme of continuous time assessment of user-level QoS and its continuous time map ping in audio–video transmission over IP networks. In the user–level QoS assessment, we time–continuously uti lize the method of successive categories, which is one of the psychometric methods. We also adopt multiple regres sion analysis as the continuos time QoS mapping. By ex periment, we confirmed the effectiveness of our proposed schemes. In our experiment, we simulated audio–video transmission and treated three types of contents. As a result of our experiment, we confirmed the reliability of the obtained continuous time user–level QoS parameter by Mosteller’s test. Moreover, the experimental results show that we can estimate user–level QoS continuously in time by our proposed method.

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