Global and Sequential Approaches for UMTS Network Design

M. St-Hilaire, S. Chamberland, and S. Pierre (Canada)


Mobile networks, universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS), network design, global approach, sequen tial approach.


In this paper, we propose a global approach for the design of universal mobile telecommunications system (UMTS) networks and compare it with the sequential approach. In the sequential approach, the cell, the access network and the core network planning subproblems are solved suc cessively. In the global approach, these subproblems are solved simultaneously. The latter approach, while more complex, has the advantage of providing better results since, in general, optimal solutions to all subproblems do not provide an optimal solution to the global problem. In order to prove our point, we present a detailed example. The results show that the sequential approach is less com plex. However, this approach do not consider the different interactions between the subproblems.

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