New Approach for Random Multiple Access

V. Zagursky and D. Zarumba (Latvia)


Random multiple access method, Bernoulli scheme,


Combinatorial and probability-theory methods are employed to analyze the random multiple access method of ENET, which has been proposed as the basis for a second generation of Ethernet networks. A cornerstone of the new method is a new algorithm for resolving conflicts (collisions in transmission), in which the parties involved in the collision "toss a coin." The technique for determining the length of each particular process is described; the average lengths of the processes are established for specified number of parties in conflict, as is the time loss involved in Implementing the given access method. Upper and lower bounds for the length of the processes are obtained. Paper [1] proposed a random multiple access method (the ENET protocol) for LANs with a bus topology. The author of that paper assumed that the method can provide the basis for the development of a second generation of Ethernet networks. Below we offer an analysis and evaluation of this method..

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