Implementation and Simulation of a Multicarrier System for 4th Generation Mobile Communications

Y. Fernández Somarriba, A. del Barrio Salas, J.L. García García, and A. Herrera Guardado (Spain)


STBC, MC-CDMA, spreading sequences, channel estimation, MIMO, RF topologies.


A new full implementation of a multicarrier system for 4th generation mobile communications is presented. The implementation explains different techniques: MC-CDMA or MC-DS-CDMA and their choice based on characteristics of a MIMO channel. Moreover, complex sequences are found to be the best way to improve the power amplifier efficiency because of PAPR; and the spreading length used to guarantee the system quality. To achieve complete results, an exponential channel model has been developed and space-time coding has been introduced to obtain the highest performance depending on spatial and temporal diversity in a MIMO channel, using two different channel estimation techniques. Finally, some comments are included about integrated transmitted and received RF architectures, which are the most suitable for these multicarrier systems.

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