Low-Cost Direction of Arrival Estimation in TD-SCDMA Receivers with Smart Antennas

A. Seebens (Germany), J. Ann (Korea), A. Hessamian-Alinejad, A. Burnic (Germany), B.Y. Kim (Korea), T. Scholand, and P. Jung (Germany)


Beamforming, Direction of Arrival Estimation (DOAE), LCR-TDD (low chip-rate time division duplex), Regular Spatial Sampling (RSS) Beamforming, Smart Antennas, Time Division – Synchronous Code Division Multiple Access (TD-SCDMA), UMTS (Universal Mobile Telecommunications System)


The novel RSS beamforming technique allows low-cost implementations of receive beamforming. However, for transmit beamforming the knowledge of the DOA is required, which is not readily available with RSS beamforming. In this communication an RSS based method is presented, which allows the estimation of the DOA at low costs.

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