On the Evolution of a Naming & Addressing Architecture in View of Dynamic Network Interconnection

C. Prehofer (Germany), N. Papadoglou (UK), and M. Johnsson (Sweden)


Ambient Networks, Dynamic internetworking, Composition, Naming, Addressing, Address resolution


A key feature of future networking is the ability for networks to cooperate by a composition. Composition is the concept derived to describe the negotiation and construction of ‘dynamic interconnection agreements’ between networks. The outcome of the composition procedure will e.g. lead to resources in each network being shared by the other network(s), or in one extreme that the networks merge into one. This paper provides an analysis of the aspect of composition and how it affects a naming & addressing architecture for networks participating in this. It presents the current state of namespaces, their association and the way they are utilized today in the Internet and in the context of Ambient Networks. We discuss name resolution and name visibility for dynamic networks independent of a specific naming layer and naming scheme. It describes the problem statement of naming concepts from different networking layers, concluding with the foreseeable solutions in the area of naming and addressing in view of dynamic network interconnections.

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