A Cluster-based Energy Aware Routing Protocol for Sensor Networks

G. Lee, J. Kong, M. Lee, and O. Byeon (Korea)


Sensor networks and cluster-based routing


Recent advances in sensor technologies have enabled the development of low cost, low power, and multi-functional sensor nodes. However, energy-efficient routing is one of the most important key technologies in wireless sensor networks since sensor nodes are highly energy constrained. Therefore, many researchers have proposed routing protocols for sensor networks; especially, cluster based routing protocols which have many advantages such as reduced control messages, bandwidth reusability, enhanced resource allocation, and improved power control. Moreover, some protocols use information on locations of sensor nodes to construct clusters efficiently. However, it is scarce that all sensor nodes know their positions. In this article, we propose another cluster based routing protocol for sensor networks. This protocol does not use information on locations of sensor nodes, but use remaining energy of sensor networks and the desirable number of cluster heads according to circumstance of sensor networks. From performance simulation, we found that the proposed protocol shows better performance than low-energy adaptive clustering hierarchy (LEACH).

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