A Formal Method for Modeling and Managing Large-Scale Distributed Applications

D. Liu, J. Ma, J. Zhan, and Y. Jiang (PRC)


Formal method, cluster, model, distributed application, service, management system.


More and more complex distributed applications are deployed in large-scale clusters as commercial services. In order to attain load balancing and high availability for massive user access, these services are usually equipped with redundant software and hardware components. These redundant resources, especially nodes resources in the cluster, should be scheduled automatically according to architectures and status of the services by some kind of management system [1, 2]. However, the applications, which compose services, are generally interdependent and multitier. These complexity and diversity challenge the corresponding management systems for those applications. This paper summarizes a model for most of distributed applications with load balancing and high availability support, and defines further a formal grammar as the method for description. The paper borrows concepts from theories on programming languages and compilers, such as grammar and meta language, in order that the system could be aware of the structures of services in the cluster easily and perform automatic and uniform management for providing flexible load balancing and availability features.

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