Performance of Group Key Agreement Protocols over Multiple Operations

S. Zheng, J. Alves-Foss, and S.S. Lee (USA)


group key management, group communications, crypto graphic protocols


A few group key protocols are analyzed, implemented and deployed, but the costs associated with them have been poorly understood. Their analysis of group key agreements performance is based on the cost of performing a single op eration. In this paper we extend this analysis to examine the performance behavior of five group key protocols after ex ecution of multiple operation. We report our experimental results for 100 operations consist of combinations of join, leave, mass join, mass leave, merge, and partition. In order to thoroughly compare the performance of five protocols, we simulate three group operations: join-leave-mass join mass leave, merge-partition, and join-leave-mass join-mass leave-merge-partition to observe what is not apparent from the theoretical analysis.

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