GTTPM – An Efficient Deadlock-Free Multicast Wormhold Algorithm for Communication in 2D Torus Multicomputers

M.G. Darwish, A.A. Radwan, M.A. Abd El-Baky, and K. Hamed (Egypt)


Multicomputers; Multicast communication; Wormhole routing; 2D torus topology; Deadlock-free routing


Multicomputer systems are the popular architectures for achieving high computing power in various scientific and engineering applications. The torus topology is important in multicomputer design because of its many features. This paper presents an efficient algorithm, GTTPM, that implements multicast communication to find a deadlock free wormhole routing in two-dimensional torus networks. The introduced algorithm is designed such that can send messages to any number of destinations within two start up communication phases without any restrictions in the number of rows or columns in a network; hence the name General Torus Two-Phase Multicast (GTTPM) algorithm. An efficient routing function is designed and used as a basis for the presented algorithm. Simulation studies on different torus networks are demonstrated to compare the performance of GTTPM with a previous algorithm.

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