Proactive Reliable Bulk Data Dissemination in Sensor Networks

L. Wang and S.S. Kulkarni (USA)


Sensor networks, Forward error correction, Data dissemination


One of the problems in network reprogramming is to guar antee 100 percent delivery of a large amount of data (the en tire binary image) in a lossy wireless channel. All the ex isting protocols on network reprogramming [1–6] use auto matic repeat request (ARQ) scheme to recover from packet losses. We propose a new reliability scheme which is a hy brid approach of forward error correction (FEC) and ARQ. We perform a case study on MNP, a multihop network repro gramming protocol, and study the effect of adding two differ ent FEC codes: simple XOR code and Reed-Solomon (RS) codes [7], to MNP. We evaluate the new reliability approach using TOSSIM. The simulation results show that adding sim ple XOR code to MNP can achieve up to 10% improvement on reprogramming speed and up to 18% reduction on active radio time (the major part of energy consumption). And we show that RS codes perform even better.

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