Influence of Colors on Pointing Tasks in Human Computer Interfaces

J. Kong, X. Ren, and K. Shinomori (Japan)


Pointing, Fitts’ law, Modeling, Human Performance, Color


Fitts’ law has been applied to evaluate the pointing task widely. However, the effect of using color in the interfaces has not been discussed by literature. This paper introduces the research on the color effects in pointing task by using Fitts’ law as the evaluation method. Different colors and color demonstrating styles are applied in the experiments with similar design of the paradigm Fitts’ law pointing task. The experimental results show that when the subjects use mouse as the input device, there is no significant difference among the mean time of performance with the interface with colourful target and white target. The results also reveal that the color demonstrating styles will bring no significant difference to pointing task when the mouse is applied, either. However, when tablet personal computer and pen are applied, the subjects without much experience in tablet personal computer usage need more time to perform the task with colourful target than with the white target. When the colors are changed randomly during the subjects tapping on the target, the difference is even more obvious.

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