A Natural Hand Gesture Human Computer Interface using Contour Signatures

P. Peixoto and J. Carreira (Portugal)


Hand Gesture Recognition, Human Computer Interfaces, Computer Vision.


Communication between humans and computers could benefit a lot from the introduction of more natural forms of non intrusive communication between them. We, as humans, frequently use gestures on our daily routines, so the idea of employing natural hand gestures to control the way our computer work seems very attractive. In this pa per we propose a novel human computer interface based on hand gesture recognition using computer vision. The pro posed method will not only be interested on replacing the mouse by using our hand as another pointing device, but also to add a more complex gesture vocabulary, allowing several frequent actions to be understood by the computer (using hand gestures like dragging, closing a window or simulating a simple mouse click with the hand). The pro posed method will also be able to deal with two of the ma jor difficulties associated with any gesture recognition task: how to determine the beginning and end of a gesture dur ing a continuous hand trajectory and how to deal with the spatial-temporal variations users produce when performing the same gesture each time.

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