From Task Model to the User Interface Generation: An Approach based on Multi-Agent System

A. Mahfoudhi, J. Slimi (Tunisia), M. Abed (France), and M. Abid (Tunisia)


Formal Method, Task Model, Multi-Agent Model, PAC Model, UI Generation, Petri nets.


The User Interface (UI) plays a crucial role in the development of the interactive applications; its simplicity of use can sometimes be an important criteria of the application assessment. A good application that is represented by a non adequate interface can be judged as non successful one, and thus the utility of UI generator can guarantee a legible, intuitive and easy interface to manipulate by any users. The multi agent systems are endowed with an interesting capacity liable to help the specialists of the UI to the conception and the development of the interactive systems. In order to take advantage of these domains, we proposed a method for the UI generation based on a multi agent model. Our approach is based on a set of rules assuring the passage from the task model to the multi agent model and from the latter toward the user interface generation.

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