Future Lighting Systems at Home: Interaction Concept for Frequent and Sporadic Bathroom Lighting Control

A. Lucero and T. Lashina (The Netherlands)


User Interface Development, Usability Evaluation, Home


Advancements in lighting technology, namely through achievements in solid-state lighting, e.g. LEDs (light emitting diodes), have expanded the horizon of possibilities artificial lighting has to offer. As these lighting systems become increasingly complex, it is crucial to find intuitive ways of interaction for domestic users, enabling them to control lighting in a flexible and simple way. This paper discusses the participatory design and usability evaluation of an interactive lighting controller for the bathroom. The interaction concept has been created based on the results of an ethnographic study conducted by means of Cultural Probes and Workshops with representative end-users. In the final evaluation the interaction concept was rated highly on its perceived usefulness and ease-of-use. The participants successfully interpreted the metaphors used in the design to present the functionality provided by the system.

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