The Walk-Away GUI: Interface Distribution to Mobile Devices

M. Sjölund, A. Larsson, and E. Berglund (Sweden)


Ubiquitous computing, mobile interaction, remote applica tion control, distributed user interfaces


To walk-away from a desktop application with a small, spe cific portion of the GUI for data collection or data moni toring is a desirable method of enabling adaptation of the tools that we use to interact with computers and computer networks. It follows the principles of how users often use paper for mobile work. Although we have powerful PDAs and mobile phones for mobility, our current GUI frame works do not enable such a behavior. This paper presents the notion of walk-away GUI and discusses its successful implementation in current GUI frameworks. We also present a walk-away runtime frame work, CHUCK, and two walk-away GUI examples. The pa per shows that a mechanism for walk-away GUIs is possi ble but may also require significant changes to GUI frame works for a more general and wide-spread implementation, in particular with regards to UI performance.

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