Evaluation of User Interfaces for Displaying Text Messages on Mobile Devices

O. Thiele, P. Sütterlin, and L. Kaczmirek (Germany)


Mobile Computing Contexts, User Interfaces, Information Visualization, Evaluation


More and more information such as short text messages (SMS) or emails is stored on mobile phones. Retrieving the right information at the right time has become a diffi cult task when using traditional interfaces included in to day’s cell phones. We created two novel user interfaces (one textual and one graphical) and compared both to the classical interface for retrieving stored SMS messages in a 34-participant usability experiment. Both novel interfaces yielded significantly better results than the existing classi cal interface. Moreover, the results show that the novel tex tual interface, which groups messages by social contacts, outperforms the complex graphical interface, which dis plays messages in a chessboard-like grid. Both objective and subjective findings are in favor of the textual interface except for one result: The graphical interface is more en joyable than the textual one.

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