3D Sketches for Online Accident Reporting

M. O'Kane, J. Carthy, and M. Bertolotto (Ireland)


Incident and Accident Reporting. 3D Visualisation.


Traditionally, animations based on incidents and accidents are created long after an accident has taken place, by experts who did not directly witness the accident. This paper describes a system for investigating the creation of simple 3D animations in accident and incident reporting. These 3D sketches are created by participants or witnesses rather than experts. This system has been developed as an alternative to traditional text based incident reporting. Users report accidents by ‘sketching’ them in 3D, using a VRML plug-in to their web browser, and a JAVA applet. The program currently exists in two forms, a multi-user manual scene construction tool named AVis (Accident Visualiser), and an automated scene construction tool named CARVER (Conversational Accident Reporting and Visualisation in Extended Reality).

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