A New Architecture Model for Groupware

M. Maddeh and C. Mankai (Tunisia)


Software architecture modelling, Multi user systems, design patterns.


Recent advancements in computer science and communication technologies have stirred up the use of computers. Computer-Supported Cooperative work (CSCW) is one of the system’ applications which have gained increased usage and visibility. The separation of the user interface from the functional core constitutes one of the objectives of CSCW research. This is why architectural modelling is becoming a central issue for large and complex systems. This paper reports our research on software architecture modelling multi-user systems (or groupware). We propose a new software architecture model, Collaborative-Model-View-Controller C-MVC (C-MVC) for the development of interactive systems. Our model stems from a combination of the MVC model, the layer approach of Dewan's generic architecture and the functional separation of Ellis’s model. We also illustrate how C-MVC easies the application of design patterns.

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