Derivation of Performance Specification of Intelligent Integrated Systems in Environment of Human-Computer Interaction

Y. Sakai and M. Kameyama (Japan)


Intelligent Systems, Analysis, Design, and Evalua tion Methods, System-On-Chip, Performance Specifi cation, Real-World Application, Intelligent Vehicles.


Development of high-performance VLSI processors is often required for future real-world applications such as highly-safe intelligent vehicles[1][2] and home service robots. However, the methodology to deter mine performance specification of the processors has not been developed so far. In this paper we discuss a methodology for derivation of performance specifica tion of intelligent integrated systems. The worst case conditions are used for the derivation of a sampling period in environment of human-computer interaction. As typical examples, a catching robot system, an au tonomous vehicle system, and a warning system for highly-safe intelligent vehicles are discussed.

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