Recognition of Grouping Areas in Trademarks According to Gestalt Psychology using Mahalanobis Distance

K. Abe, Y. Daido, H. Iguchi (Japan), H. Tian (PRC), and D. Roy (India)


content-based image retrieval, grouping, Gestalt Psychol ogy, discrimination analysis, trademark


According to the Gestalt principals, in this paper, we model features for measuring the attraction degree between pairs of image components, and grouping areas in trade mark images are recognized. This investigation would be used for content-based image retrieval from the view of mirroring human perception for images. Depending on variability in human perception for trademark images, the proposed method finds plural grouping areas by calculat ing Mahalanobis distance with the features. The features are extracted from every combination of two components in an image. We have evaluated the proposed method on 104 test images in experiments of comparing between out puts by the proposed method and by human perception, and we have got the concordance rate of 81.99 % .

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