Exploiting Motion Symmetry in Control of Exoskeleton Limbs

C. Reinicke, C. Fleischer, and G. Hommel (Germany)


Robotics, Correlation, Exoskeleton, Orthosis Control, Dis abilities


In this paper we present a method to control a one-legged lower extremities orthosis by analyzing the current trajec tory performed with the healthy leg and feeding a proper - if necessary phase-shifted - trajectory to the disabled leg encased in the orthosis. For this, a fast and simple modiļ¬ed version of the cross correlation is used. The algorithm works on multi ple reference curves by minimizing the error between the reference and the current data by adaptively walking for ward through the reference of the healthy leg and reporting back the reference values for the disabled leg. The pro posed method will be part of a control system for an ex oskeleton robot that should aid the wearer in everyday-life situations like walking, standing up and sitting down. The performance of the presented method was investi gated on the leg movement in sagittal plane without contact to unknown obstacles.

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