Approach to a Control based Optimization of Collaborative Technical Customer Service in Production Networks

T. Klostermann and D. Spath (Germany)


Technical Customer Service, Collaboration, Control based Service Optimization


The production industry market is characterized by an increasing market of services offered complementary to the related core machinery and equipment. In addition there is a rising tendency of inter-departmental and inter firm collaborations in order to be more competitive in the market. In this concern, a new approach of a control based optimization methodology offers an opportunity to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of collaboration services in production networks. The paper describes the design of a suitable collaboration platform and the design of a feedback control system for the dynamic optimization of a Technical Customer Service. In such manner the success factors cost, time and quality could be optimized iteratively adapting a feedback control mechanism that is designed in the paper. A scenario, validated within a German funded research project demonstrates the optimization approach applying the collaboration platform. Critical factors found out in the design and application of the control system are discussed, main results and further research activities are summarized at the end of the paper.

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