Plastic HCI Generation from Its Abstract Model

A. Hariri, D. Tabary, and C. Kolski (France)


Human-Computer Interaction, Context-Aware Computing, and HCI Generation


MODEL Anas HARIRI, Dimitri TABARY, Christophe KOLSKI LAMIH – RAIHM Group University of Valenciennes and Hainaut-Cambresis Le Mont Houy F-59313 Valenciennes cedex 9 France {anas.hariri, dimitri.tabary, christophe.kolski} ABSTRACT The plastic HCI (Human-Computer Interface) is one of the greatest important elements in a dynamic heterogeneous environment such as context-aware computing including a multitude of devices with diverse platforms, different user knowledge levels, characteristics and expectations, and various work environments. Therefore, the Human-Computer Interaction research concentrates on supporting and generating the plastic HCI. We propose a novel approach which supports the plastic HCI generation basing on its abstract model specified in an interactive system design method.

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