Web based Educational Systems - Governance, Accountability, and Assessment

A. St-Pierre (Canada)


Governance, Accountability, Assessment, Stakeholders, E-learning, Web Based Education.


The advent of digital technologies and the computerization of traditional media present major challenges to traditional schools and colleges. The analysis of the multiple challenges facing education force educators within academic institutions to evaluate the possibilities of alternative forms of course content delivery. Web Based Educational Systems (WBES) offer interesting delivery mechanisms to teachers and learners. Stakeholders have to take ownership in the development of these WBES and have to be accountable for the performance results that justify their existence. Governance and accountability are key criteria to consider during the deployment of these WBES. Assessment of WBES also needs to be done to determine its effectiveness. Theoretical concepts discussed in this paper will encourage researchers to do empirical studies to determine whether Web Base Educational settings apply key principles such as governance, accountability, and effectiveness while offering curriculum over the Web.

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