Student Evaluation System for WBE based on Learning Components and Agent Technology

L. Sheremetov, R. Peredo-Valderrama, and L. Balladares-Ocaña (Mexico)


WBE, Evaluation, Agents, Reusable Learning Components,


Student evaluation is the key to the success of the learning, training and certification processes. The difference of the WBE evaluation from the traditional one is at least twofold. On the one hand, WBE does not have the flexibility of the classroom based instruction in regard to the evaluation process and presents certain difficulties. On the other, close integration of the evaluation in the instructional design and delivery permits to personalize in an efficient way the sequencing of the delivery order and thus the instructional process itself in regard to the student’s progress. In this paper, we describe Reusable Learning Components (RLC) compatible with SCORM 2004 rich in multimedia, interactivity and feedback and their dynamic integration into the WBE evaluation system. These RLCs with associated template components have been developed using ActionScript v. 2.0 of Flash 8. The multiagent system is used to process student assessments resulting in a dynamic sequencing of the learning contents. The structuring model for dynamic composition of the content items is based on the concept graph knowledge representation model of the course domain.

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