Set Your Multimedia Application Free with ArCoLIVE: An Open Source Component-based Toolkit to Support E-Learning Environments

L. Melo de Sales, F. Barros Pontes, E.B. Costa, H.P. Loureiro Luna, H.S. Ramos Filho, E. Loureiro (Brazil), and M. Sales (USA)


Videoconference, E-Learning, Components, Toolkit, Net work, Distributed Systems


Some e-learning environment infrastructures have become complex to support multimedia mechanisms. As a con sequence, many distance learning systems are developed without extensible features, which make them unchange able. In spite of existing well-known e-learning solutions, many of them are generally proprietary and thus users must pay for them. For this reason, we then propose an open source component based multimedia environment to sup port e-learning systems called ArCoLIVE. It provides a feasible and effective method that leverages the Internet to deliver anytime/anywhere multimedia services.

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